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Sunah Design Studio is a boutique graphic design studio based in Cairns, QLD.

If you decide to work with Sunah Design Studio, you will work directly with me, Sonja Harrip, branding specialist and creative director. I have enjoyed a diverse career and have applied my experience and knowledge on numerous national and international projects. I began my career as an Engineer/ Drafter. However, soon discovered my passion for the graphic design industry and immediately set my focus to improving my skills from a blend of study and on the job training.

I have worked as a graphic designer for a daily newspaper, training organisation and a printing company. From logo design (branding), advertisements, stationery to brochures and web design, you name it, I have done it.

My style: Friendly, respectful, clean and effective

Sonja Harrip
Our Mission

We strongly believe that every design must have a purpose. We will create design solutions that will maximise the value of your brand and are easy to understand but impossible to ignore.

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